Providing a range of co-curricular opportunities is important to us because we value each child’s individual skills and interests, and we want to give every opportunity for students to grow and further their potential.


Our students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports and lifestyle activities to improve their motor and social skills. Sporting opportunities include dance, swimming, soccer, touch football, basketball, soccer and NRL and AFL clinics.


The Sacred Heart Singers’ are members of either the junior or senior choir. The choirs perform at various school assemblies, Liturgical celebrations and community events.

Visual Arts

We have a professional visual arts teacher who develops creativity across all year levels. Students are encouraged to take part in competitions offered by Sydney Catholic Schools and our local community.

Creative Arts

Biannually our school participates in Wakakirri – the largest performing arts event for schools across Australia and every year students are encouraged to take part in Sacred Heart’s Got Talent.

Digital Enrichment

Opportunities exist for our students to experiment with a wide range of digital technologies. Year 5 and 6 students compete at the First Lego League competition in teams to build, program and compete with a robot to solve a modern day problem in science.

Community Partnerships

Our school works closely with our secondary feeder schools to provide our students with a wide range of STEM opportunities.